Integrity Test



Laboratory Equipment

Lenge Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. and Jiangnan University established the Institute of materials and technology, and the graduate-student workstation. With advanced imported test equipment, standard test procedures and testing proposals, we can provide customers with various test and validation services, such as chemical compatibility, extractables, adsorption, bacterial challenge, bacterial viability, integrity, recycle use, etc.

For different customers, we simulate the produce process under the most disadvantage conditions, and make qualitative and quantitative estimation of dissolution by imported infrared spectrometer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, HPLC and other equipment, thus make the quantitative analysis of the product absorbed on the membrane.


Calculate the diffusion flow, pressure maintenance or bubble point limiting value of the humid filter under the specified temperature.

Principle and method selection

The integrity parameters of the humid filter which consist of diffusion flow limiting value, detection pressure and minimum bubble point, are calculated by the test data when the filter is wet and corresponding parameters of the reference solution.

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