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Pleated Filter Cartridge

The pleated filter cartridge consists of filter layers in a cylindrical inner core ,a cylindrical outer cage, two end caps and adapters.

The filter layers(filter media with supporting/draining mesh)are pleated along the whole length.the two short ends are sealed together to form a cylinder which fits between the inner core and outer cage.

Top and bottom of this filter cylinder are hot-melt sealed into the end caps.

Adapters hot-melt sealed onto the the end caps,ensure leakproof fitting of the cartridges in the various housings.Suitable seal materials can be selected for different applications.

LENGE has a number of advanced production lines and various testing equipments for the manufacturing of the pleated filter cartridges. All production processes are carried out in class 100 clean workshops.

Types of the pleated filter cartridges consist of polyethersulfone (PES) membrane series, Nylon(NL) membrane series, Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) membrane series, Glass Fiber(GF) media series, Polypropylene(PP) media series,etc.


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