Dispensing Booth

 Material: SUS 304/316 stainless steel
 Filter Module: Pre-filter, comfort filter, HEPA filter
 Rated Air Velocity: 0.45m/s±20%
 Power Supply: 380V, 50Hz

LENGE Dispensing Booth is an advanced containment system which provides controlled negative pressure environments to maximize personnel protection during weighing and sampling process. LENGE provide standard configurable designs which is able to adapt to various weighing and sampling requirements.


■ Characteristics & Features:

  • Cross contamination control through negative pressure environment option.

  • Full unidirectional airflow provides superior aseptic work zones.

  • Fully welded single piece SUS304 internal chambers with rounded covered corners.

  • Clean interior and exterior finishing.

  • GMP modular design with minimized joints and seams.

  • Gel seal HEPA filters, HEPA/ULPA gel sealed design is better than conventional gasket sealed.

  • Dimensions are customized to suit process requirements.

  • All components meet or exceed applicable safety requirements.

■ Technical Specifications & Parameters:

SUS 304/316L stainless steel
Filter ModulePre-filter, comport filter, HEPA filter
Core PartAir Blower
Model No.LWR 13-120060
LWR 34-150120LWR 75-200200LWR 112-300200LWR 186-400250
Outer Size
W×D×H (mm)
Inner Size
W'×D'×H' (mm)
Rated Air Velocity

Cleanliness ClassSame as the background area
Power Supply380V, 50Hz
Power (kW)0.82447.5

Note: The specifications listed in above table are only for customer’s reference. It is mostly designed and manufactured according to customer’s URS.

■ Containment System:

  • Main Stream - The opening provides an airflow velocity of 0.45 m/s.

  • Equipped with control system.

  • Standard controls suitable for safe area applications.

  • Includes electrical sockets as standard.

  • RH/Temperature sensor.

  • HEPA filter to provide high level of filtration.

  • Emergency stop.

  • HEPA fan module provides laminar flow of particlefree air (measured at 0.3µm particles) to meet clean room requirements—99.995% efficient ULPA filters also available.

  • Filter Module

       —— Pre filter -- Panel filter G4

       —— Comfort filter -- Bag filter F8

       —— HEPA filter -- Gel sealed mini-pleated HEPA filter H14

  • Fan modules includes 99.99% efficient HEPA filter to ensure clean working conditions

  • 380 V power supply 

■ Product Outline Design:




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