Air Filter

Air filter are mainly apply for clean air-conditional system or delivery wind for purification equipment. According to the filter class level, it divided into primary filter(G1-G4), Fine Filter(M5~M6, F7~F9), HEPA filter(E10~E12, H13~H14), ULPA filter(U15~U17). According to the structure, there are Panel filter, Bag filter, V-bank filter(Box type), Separator filter, Compact HEPA filter, Gel sealed HEPA filter etc.

Primary filter could filtering 5um bigger particles, medium filter could filtering 1um bigger particles. They prevent the particles deposit at the surface measuring element surfaces such as temperature and humidity sensor, heat exchange element surface or air hose and improve the system controllability. At the same time they protect the endmost HEPA filter and extend the lifetime. HEPA filter mainly used at the endmost purification. The gas entering into the clean room or clean space directly after filtering to keep the environment reach the usage demand.

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